Friday, May 18, 2012

I guess the spinning will always be with us. She surely started it in her puppy-mill cage, like a prisoner doing calisthenics to keep from going nuts. But now I see that there are many kinds of spin:

There’s the super-joyful celebration when the dinner plate is headed her way. A whirling dervish!

There’s her measured pace out in the yard to learn about what’s going on. Not quite a spin, more of an open circle. 

Then, like any other dog, she turns and turns to trample the bedding before setting in for a nap. 

And then there’s the compulsive spinning which I won’t mention again unless its to say that the demons of her past have been lifted from her furry brow!

And it’s starting to be a furry brow. Coco’s looking much cuter now that her hair is growing in, and she even seems like she might like it here. That’s her red towel on the couch! That’s her rawhide bone which she likes to chew as much as the next dog! There’s her her place in the sun for morning naps, which she takes every day before coming up to my office with me where she sleeps until Libby gets home from school. A sad side note is that I have to keep her on the chair in order to maintain the illusion that she’s house broken. Just today there was a mess-up when I left her alone downstairs. And she'd just been outside!

Ain't Misbehavin'!

On another note Libby has been studying angles in math, and so I had right angles on my mind while walking Pixy yesterday. I noticed this huge leaf and picked it for that reason when I saw that the main veins were at perfect right angles to each other. Are they always this perfect? And why do the secondary veins get pulled out of this geometry?

What pulls the secondary veins off the 90ยบ angle?

I walked home trying to fish out anything I knew about the Fibonacci Sequence which turned out to be nothing beyond the fact that it exists. Maybe Libby will be able to explain this leaf to me in a year or two...

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