Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Coco has been here ten days now. She’s happier! Barkier! More at ease with everybody. But still, she spins.

And those other things like crate and potty habits are still where they were. Last night we brought her outside for the last time and she just did this:

For the superstitious among you, she seems to only go in a clockwise direction
She can keep this up for an hour, so we finally brought her in and put her in her crate for the night. Just like on Monday, it took a little time for her to settle down and when all was quiet? She barked her little bark as if to say.... So, Morin brought her outside again but still nothing happened. Then, this morning at eight there was a bit of a mess in the crate! When? Why? 

But Coco seems to be more at home all the time. She wagged her tail at Morin today when he came back from the library. She protected her territory as best she could this morning, but too bad the passing dog didn’t hear her when she ran up to the gate and barked. 

And this morning? Coco did that most doggy of dog gestures: She bounced down on her elbows and barked at Pixy! She wanted to play! 

And here are photos of Pix the shaggy dog (Coco's using her butt for a head rest)

And today, Pix went to the dog parlor and got a new style. It was Libby's idea to braid her long ear fur.

Things are looking up!

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Barbara said...

OMG. My diagram of Coco's twirling is going counterclockwise.