Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting A Second Dog

My husband, my daughter and I did not know what we were doing when we adopted a dog from a rescue organization. We thought, "How can it be harder than having a puppy?" We'd crate-trained our first puppy and she became really the best dog you could wish for. Pixy does nothing wrong except maybe chew shoes. And beg a little when we're eating. And chew anything that's special to my daughter that was accidentally left not in lock-down. But she's nice to everyone and barks at no one but the Fed Ex guy who comes only a couple of times a month to drop off some work-related stuff. So really, she's like the receptionist to our home office.

My daughter wanted her own pet. Our house followed the usual order of a house with kids: The kids imagine the dog will be their beloved friend, and then the dog only has eyes for the hands that feed them which translates to the dog being Mom's dog.

We thought we'd try again with a new dog, and my daughter would do her best to feed and take care of the new beast. Libby wanted a Maltese, which is a very small dog and we were able to find one on Petfinder. I'll tell you more later...

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